Rapture Alley/Winter Girl/Strictly for the Boys-Harry Whittington

Rapture Alley/Winter Girl/Strictly for the Boys

Harry Whittington

Stark House, Feb 13, 2012, $23.95

ISBN: 9781933586366


“Rapture Alley.”  Lora lives with her wheelchair bound sister Chris and lecherous brother-in-law Ken hoping to be a movie star.  Her luck has been all bad with her only escape being marijuana as whiskey no longer provides a dulling sensation until she meets Arty and then Boyd.


“Winter Girl.”  In Cottonseed County, wealthy snowbird Frank wants Fanny the dog, but owner Calder refuses to sell though the lad fears his dad will complete the deal.  Frank’s daughter Lu Ann arrives flirting with a besotted Calder.  However though they drive away together, she sees him as a joyride to taunt her dad.  Still there is Judge Stark’s daughter Willi Ruth though she too is from a higher social and economic class.


“Strictly for the Boys”.  Amy met Burt when she was fourteen.  Now three years later the married Amy lost her youthful energetic innocence replaced with bitterness due to Burt’s jealousy for no cause leading to physical and emotion abuse.  Desperate Amy flees back home to her mom Stella when Burt is drafted by the army and meets kind Terry.  Burt returns to reclaim his property and her mom supports his position that she is his wife who he insists he will never leave him.


These engaging reprints of three Harry Whittington pulp fictions provide readers with a taste of a non-Happy Days 1950s.  Each of the protagonists is fully developed with flaws that make them seem real.  With an introduction “The Restoration of Harry” by David Laurence Wilson providing background depth to Mr. Whittington’s literary history, fans of stark relationship dramas will want to read this powerful trio.


Harriet Klausner

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