One For The Money-Janet Evanovich

One For The Money

Janet Evanovich

St. Martin’s Griffin, Nov 22 2011, $14.95

ISBN: 9780312600730


In Trenton, New Jersey, times are tough for Stephanie Plum who lost her job as a lingerie buyer.  She needs to bring in income and considers between using her sports bras and working for her cousin Vinnie.  Since she has no furniture for entertaining clients, she asks Vinnie to hire her on as bond hunter though her cousin would insist she used blackmail to coax Vinnie into giving her a $10,000 murder suspect pick up, disgraced vice cop Joe Morelli.  Now all Stephanie needs is a gun and a car. 


Stephanie and Joe have a long time relationship that some would say is insane as she has driven her car over him and gave him her virginity as a teen.  Stephanie knows this is the latest chapter when she catches and loses her mark.  She interrogates boxer Benito Ramirez before borrowing Joe’s car; he would say stole it.  To insure Joe cannot repossess his vehicle before she collects her bounty, Stephanie installs a car alarm for she is coming to hogtie her money source.


This reprint of the first entertaining Plum guided tour of the mean streets of Trenton retains the freshness due to the tough humorous heroine.  Fast-paced. the jocular Stephanie Joe chess match is fun to follow.  With the movie due out shortly, fans will enjoy One For The Money as the raunchy first person asides of the kick butt protagonist hold up nicely.


Harriet Klausner


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