A Catered St. Patrick’s Day-Isis Crawford

A Catered St. Patrick’s Day

Isis Crawford

Kensington, Jan 31 2012, $24.00

ISBN 9780758247407


In Longely, New York, sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons, owners of A Little Taste of Heaven catering business, prepare for the festive. Patrick’s Day holiday.  Their baking is interrupted when a frantic Brandon, Bernie’s boyfriend, calls to beg them immediately come to RJ’s bar, which he runs.  The siblings drop what they are doing to race over to calm down a distraught Brandon.


At the bar, Brandon shows the sisters the corpse of Mike Sweeney floating dead in a keg of green beer.  Mike and his Corned Beef and Cabbage Club comrades had met earlier at RJ’s.  Bar owner Mulroney insists an accident should not deter business on a busy holiday.  Although it appears to be a tragic accident caused by intoxication, the police chief Lucas “Lucy” (detractors’ nickname) Broadbent arrests Corned Beef and Cabbage Club member Duncan, nephew of realtor Bree Nottingham two weeks later.  Bree knows that Bernie and Libby have solved murder cases (see A Catered Thanksgiving) so she asks the bakers to investigate.


The latest Mystery with recipes is a wonderful holiday culinary amateur sleuth (see A Catered Birthday Party and A Catered Halloween).  The lead sisters and their dad Sean focus on the club membership but soon expand their inquiry.  Fans will enjoy this family affair cozy that once again angers Lucy who is tired of the sleuth sisters solving homicides that leave him embarrassed.


Harriet Klausner

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