Murder Season-Robert Ellis

Murder Season

Robert Ellis

Minotaur, Dec 6 2011, $25.99

ISBN: 9780312366179


At the latest Hollywood in-crowd spot Club 3 AM, someone shoots and kills two people.  Police Detective Lena Gamble arrives at the murder scene to lead the official investigation.  She knows the media will follow her with a frenzied microscope and the brass will gladly let her take the media’s hits while claiming the accolades. 


However that was her feelings before she learns the identities of the victims.  Club owner Johnny Bosco had high level political connections and twenty-five year old Jacob Gant recently was acquitted of raping and murdering sixteen year old Lily Hight due to police missteps in the latest trial of the century.  Gamble knows this case is a nightmare as the prime suspect is Lily’s father who has the court of public opinion turning him into a hero.  The detective looks closer at the Gant investigation led by seemingly unbalanced Dan Cobb and finds other discrepancies in the case put together by Deputy DA Steven Bennett.  Meanwhile District Attorney Jimmy J. Higgins sees the homicides as a springboard to a state office while Gamble turns to another Deputy DA Greg Vaughan.


The latest LAPD Gamble police procedural (see The Lost Witness) is an exciting thriller that focuses on the taint of the judicial system when it fails to protect the innocent as the measure of success is convictions.  Filled with plenty of suspense and taut twists, fans will relish Murder Season as Gamble works a convoluted case under the scrutinizing public spotlight.


Harriet Klausner


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