Power Play-Ben Bova

Power Play

Ben Bova

Tor, Jan 3 2012, $24.99

ISBN 9780765317865


Adjunct astronomy professor Dr. Jake Ross met his mentor Dr. Leverett Caldwell when he was in middle school on a field trip to James A, Van Allen Museum of science.  Lev suggest Jake accept the position of science advisor to senatorial candidate Frank Tomlinson, who is making a run against incumbent Senator Leeds.  Tomlinson fantasizes that he is JFK so he needs his moon mission.  He chooses magnetohydrodynamics as a cheaper yet more effective way to generate electricity.  Tomlinson makes the offer and Toss accepts.


Leeds sends his henchmen Ignacio “Nacho” Perez; and Benito “Monster” Falciglia to persuade Ross he can obtain tenure if he joins the right team by sabotaging his boss’ support to MHD.  Ross refuses but also fears his employer is rushing things as MHD is not ready for prime time with potentially dangerous safety issues to resolve.


Power Play is an interesting political-economic thriller starring a dedicated likable hero who finds himself at the center of senatorial electoral hardball (Chris Matthews’ style).  The support cast is inane with females sleeping around and goons acting like comic book rejects.  Still, with a strong premise in which many in power prefer MHD to fail, fans will enjoy Ross’ growing awareness of what counts in DC and who is expendable.


Harriet Klausner


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