The Secret Crown-Chris Kuzneski

The Secret Crown

Chris Kuzneski

Putnam, Jan 12 2012, $25.95

ISBN 9780399157455


Former Special Forces BFFs Jonathon Payne and David Jones are in Pittsburgher when Kaiser calls them to come immediately to Munich to discuss buried treasure.  Once they arrive, he explains that crates buried during WWII were recently discovered with some containing a black swan insignia belonging to late nineteenth century Mad King Ludwig II.  Before he was allegedly assassinated the Mad King supposedly put aside a humongous horde of gold and jewels to build a castle.  However, after his murder, no evidence was found to prove this assertion until these crates were located.


Kaiser believes they can make a fortune.  Payne and Jones agree though they hesitate because any dealings with Kaiser usually proves to be extremely dangerous.  As they follow the clues, the two former Special Forces soldiers find their basic Kaiser assertion true as enemies wanting to own the treasure stalk them.


The latest Payne and Jones thriller (see The Lost Throne and The Prophecy) is a fun exciting tale in which the history of Bavaria enhances the suspense.  The lead dudes provide humorous asides such as racist sausage and a zillion teenage locker room sex jokes, but never seem quite challenged by their adversaries.  Still in spite of the evil enemy never seeming like much of a threat, fans will enjoy The Secret Crown as Payne and Jones search for the treasure of the Mad King.


Harriet Klausner


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