Lunatics-Dave Barry & Alan Zweibel


Dave Barry & Alan Zweibel

Putnam, Jan 10 2012, $25.95

ISBN: 9780399158698


In Fort Lee, New Jersey, family man Philip Horkman referees an ATSO soccer championship game.  He calls offside against Taylor Peckerman as she kicked the tying goal.  Taylor’s dad Jeffrey, a forensic plumber, goes crazy cursing and threatening Phillip.


That night Jeffery’s wife asks him to stop for a bottle of wine as the Oprah Reading Club will meet in their house.  Jeffrey stops at The Wine Shop only to learn it is a pet shop named after the prime in-law investors and the owner is Philip.  Still fuming over the call, Jeffrey threatens Philip who grabs a bat.  Expecting his enemy to swing, Jeffrey grabs a lemur before fleeing into the night with Philip in pursuit.  One thing leads to another and soon the pair is on TV as terrorists trying to blow up the GW Bridge and shooting a cop in the scrotum.  They are on the run from cops, soldiers, Charo, Chuck E. Cheese and terrorists,


Rotating first person accounts between the two antagonists (and authors), this is a zany over the top of Washington Heights thriller.  Amusing and fast-paced, readers will enjoy the escalating soccer war between two individuals as the media puts on its spin to events while the government agencies insure the enemy combatants are accused of all sorts of felons to hide their incompetency and mistakes.  With an insane spin into politics, the aptly titled Lunatics is a fun tale as fans will enjoy this pair of misfits jocular antics.


Harriet Klausner


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