Gideon’s Corpse-Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Gideon’s Corpse

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Grand Central, Jan 10 2012, $26.99

ISBN: 9780446564373


In his short life, Gideon Crew has seen plenty of ugliness starting when his father, accused of treason, was gunned down.  He recently learned the truth about the dad he once admired when his dying mom said he was innocent and assassinated.  Now Gideon has a reason to live: revenge.  Gideon went from a thief to a nuclear scientist motivated by his new quest.  However, after his mission is accomplished he learns he suffers from a terminal illness with about one year to live.


Glinn, who runs the mysterious Elective Engineering Solution firm, ruins a rare serene Zen moment for Gideon by telling him a co-worker has taken a family hostage.  By the time Gideon reaches the scene, Chalker is incoherent.  Gideon learns his cohort is radioactive while the Feds believe he turned into a Jihadist when he converted to Islam and that he fashioned a nuke while working at Los Alamos.  Gideon relooks email exchanges he had with Glinn and concludes like his late father, his peer is being framed.  His superiors believe the real terrorists plan to nuke DC but Gideon’s intuition tells him they have something even worse planned..


Readers will root for Gideon whose life was shattered with the killing of his father and now has a death watch to contend with, but like the hero he is, Gideon refuses to quit.  As his friends and peers turn against him, Gideon knows he wears his father’s shoes, but has the advantage of understanding what is going on and why they believe he is a chip off his treasonous block.  Preston & Childs provide another exciting over the top of the Washington Monument suspense thriller.


Harriet Klausner

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