The Whisperer-Donato Carrisi

The Whisperer

Donato Carrisi

Mulholland/Little Brown, Jan 5 2011$25.99

ISBN: 9780316194723


Five young girls have vanished.  Eerily, six left arms are found in what appears to be a sort of graveyard.  Mila Vasquez the famous profiler and Goran Gavila the renowned psychic criminologist lead the investigation.  The pair believes the arms belong to the five missing girls, but have no idea who the sixth arm belongs to. 


They also think they know who the identity of the serial killer is, but that proves apparently false.  As their inquiry goes nowhere, the two sleuths become paranoid with the possibility that they were named as leads not to solve the impossible case but to take the fall when it goes cold.  Mila and Goran obstinately refuse to quit, but each victim leads them to a different outcome.


This is an entertaining tough somewhat standard chess game between a brilliant psychopath and two investigators with lofty reputations for case resolution.  The story line is fast-paced but over the top of wherever the setting actually is (the plot lacks a place anchor).  Still fans will enjoy the contest between the desperate investigators and the diabolical adversary.


Harriet Klausner

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