The Hunter-John Lescroart

The Hunter

John Lescroart

Dutton, Jan 3 2012, $26.95

ISBN: 9780525952565


San Francisco private investigator Wyatt Hunt was raised by loving adoptive parents.  He had no inclination to learn who his biological roots are as he knows who is true parents are. 


However, Hunt changes his mind when he receives a strange text message: “How did your mother die?”  Apparently she was murdered.  His adoptive parents have no solid information on his roots as none were provided when he joined their family as a toddler.  Hunt learns his dad lives in hiding having survived two murder charges and the Jim Jones’s mass suicide in 1978.  As Hunt searches for the messenger of gloom and doom, he will learn the hard way that a dark secret interred for decades might prove dangerous for those he cherishes.


This is a strong exhilarating thriller as Hunt and an unknown individual who he is unsure is friend or foe plays a deadly game of chess with him.  Hunt’s investigation is fast-paced and very entertaining though he seems to obtain information that is over three decades old and buried rather too easily.  Still fans will enjoy this taut tale wondering whether the protagonist is The Hunter or the hunted.


Harriet Klausner

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