The Exterminators-Bill Fitzhugh

The Exterminators

Bill Fitzhugh

Poisoned Pen, Jan 3 2012, $24.95

ISBN 9781590585429


Six years ago Bob Dillon and his horde survived hit men, assassins and murderers to abscond with several million from a Bolivian drug lord (see Pest Control).  He used his loot to obtain a truck with a bug on the roof. 


In Oregon, Bob and his partner Klaus Müller the assassin experiment with a ‘green’ solution to chemical pest control.  They genetically reengineer the assassin bug into a killer species but this is expensive and they are running out of money.  Bob and Klaus contact a venture capitalist to obtain seed loot, but their sponsor works for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’ who want to apply their experiments on terrorists.  They accept the terms and relocate to Los Angeles where a Bolivian drug lord out ten million dollars puts a Pest Control bounty of twenty million on the heads of the Bug Guys.


The second Assassin Bug Thriller is a fast-paced zany thriller that amusingly is over the top of the Hollywood Hills sign.  Filled with action, spins and a horde of the assassins, fans will appreciate this jocular satire that skewers the right and left, celebrity worship, and the losing war on bugs.


Harriet Klausner

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