Hot Water-Erin Brockovich and C.J. Lyons

Hot Water

Erin Brockovich and C.J. Lyons

Vanguard, Nov 8 2011, $25.99

ISBN: 9781593156848


Following the death of her lover Cole, the father of her nine year old son David who suffers from cerebral palsy, A.J. Palladino returns to her hometown, Scotia, West Virginia.  The environmental activist partners with attorney Elizabeth Hardy on environmental investigations.  Owen Grandel wants to hire the famous A.J. to persuade protestors that his nuclear power plant is safe.  The million dollar fee will help care for her disabled child.


Ignoring her values A.J. accompanies Owen to his plant in South Carolina.  Her actions upset David who detests his mom selling out because of his condition.  The tweener also overhears his grandfather plotting to gain custody of him.  He turns to family friend Sheriff Ty to counter the diabolical lethal scheme of his grandfather.  In South Carolina, as a hurricane bears down on the state, a fanatic wants to use the reactor to trigger Armageddon.


With the recent nuclear mess in Japan, Hot Water is a relevant environmental thriller that grips the audience once A.J. and Owen meet.  The heroine is caught between her values and her son’s economic needs, which add realism to the mix.  Although the detracting grandfather plot is over the top of Sassafras Mountain, the clean safe nuclear energy issue makes for a fabulous A.J. environmental thriller (see Rock Bottom).


Harriet Klausner

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