Burned-Thomas Enger


Thomas Enger

Atria, Oct 4 2011, $15.00

ISBN: 9781451616453


In 2007 Oslo, the arsonist set the home of investigative reporter Henning Juul ablaze.  Henning survived with sever burns to his face and other body parts while his young son Jonas died in the inferno.  His marriage to reporter Nora Klemetsen also went up in smoke.  Unable to work Henning takes a two year hiatus before returning to work at 123news. 


His current boss Heidi Kjus was one of the many journalists he mentored.  She assigns him to work with Iver Gundersen, who is stepping out with Nora, on the homicide of twentyish Henriette Hagerup.  The victim was found inside a tent on Ekeberg Common where she was partially interred, her body battered and a hand severed.  OPD Detective Investigator Bjarne Brogeland focuses on the Westerdals School of Communication film student’s Pakistani boyfriend Mahmoud Marhoni with the motive being a sharia honor kill as her texting implies she was dating someone else and he tried to flee from the cops.  The virtual tips from 6tiermes7 Juul centers his inquiry on Henriette’s screenplay A Sharia Caste co-written with Anette Skoppum. 


This is an intriguing Norwegian whodunit as the motive is the key to solving the case.  All the circumstantial evidence points to a Sharia kill by her boyfriend, but Juul helped by an on line informant looks at the screenplay as the cause.   Juul’s mental state surfaces when he and the killer witness one another while the latter murders again.  Although the mystery contains too many headline issues especially involving Muslim expatriates living in Denmark, readers will root for Burned out Juul to solve the homicide.


Harriet Klausner



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