The Heart of a Killer-Jaci Burton

The Heart of a Killer

Jaci Burton

Mira, Oct 18 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778312598


Twelve years ago, Anna Pallino worked at an ice cream parlor.  She was near closing waiting for her boyfriend Dante Renaldi and his foster brothers (Gabe, Roman and Jeff) to arrive for their nightly freebie.  She goes to the dark alley to toss the trash, but someone assaults her with a knife.  They hear her scream and rush to the alley where Dante tackles her attacker.  The man dies.  Anna has the boys flee so they can avoid juvie, but her relationship with Dante died that night too.


Encouraged by her dad Frank, Dante joined the army and for the next dozen years was in the Special Forces.  Now his beloved foster mother Ellen Clemens asks him to come home for her twenty-fifth anniversary gala; he would do anything for her and George so he returns to St. Louis for the first time since that night in the alley.  However, his return is marred by the murder of George that copy cats what went down in the same alley twelve years ago.  St. Louis homicide detective Anna leads the investigating in which her former boyfriend is a prime suspect.  More similar murders follow with Anna wondering whether the man she loves is a cold killer.


The Heart of a Killer is a tense second chance police procedural filled with a surprising twist that seems over the top of the Arch.  Action-packed, readers will enjoy the marred homecoming of Dante as he struggles with the death of beloved George, helping Ellen with her loss and keeping Anna safe while being the prime suspect.


Harriet Klausner

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