Unexpected Dismounts-Nancy Rue

Unexpected Dismounts

Nancy Rue

David C. Cook, Oct 1 2011, $14.99

ISBN 9781434764928


In Saint Augustine, Harley-Davidson rider Allison “Miss Angel” Chamberlain found Jesus seven years go, but finally understands what he expects from her a few months ago.  Big Al keeps telling God he needs to find a more pious prophet, but the Lord keeps chatting with her as if she is the new Moses but is unable to foretell the future as her friend Hanks says she is a “forthteller”.  She currently runs the Sacrament House shelter for prostitutes with five in residence and wants to adopt seventh grader Desmond. 


Nothing goes right as Allison feels like a modern day Job dealing with Unexpected Dismounts in life.  A relative of Desmond has surfaced and wants the teen.  An affluent businessman wants her ministry ended.  Finally her Chamberlain upper crust past has bit her butt.  Chief wants their relationship to turn from friend and respect to more.  All Big Al desires is for God to stop with the nudges and either show her what he wants or back off.


The second Reluctant Prophet tale is a wonderful whimsical contemporary thriller held together by Big Al.  The ensemble support cast contains fully developed individuals with flaws whose actions pull Big Al in mysterious ways.  The trials and tribulations of the kick butt (including that of Jesus) bike rider make for a strong inspirational tale.


Harriet Klausner



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