Headstone-Jack Bruen


Jack Bruen

Mysterious, Oct 4 2011, $24.00

ISBN: 9780802126009


In Galway, Ireland young punks calling themselves the Headstone batter Father Malachy.  The elderly priest is in intensive care at the University Hospital.  The next victim of the vicious Headstone gang is Tom Reed, a Downs Syndrome child, whose throat is slashed before they rob him. 


Former Garda Jack Taylor has met some amoral brutal predators but none like the Headstone whose objective is to cleanse society of misfits like gays, recovering alcoholics, special people, and those they dislike.  He knows he is a target as are his friends Ridge the Garda and Stewart the former convict when they receive headstones in the mail.  Not one to avoid violence and knowing anyway there is no Sanctuary from this insane fringe, Jack and his buddies take the fight to the Headstone members.


The latest Taylor thriller is an exhilarating but gorier than usual tale, which says a lot as this series is known for the flow of blood and guts.  Jack struggles with his ugly past though the American he recently met has given him some hope for redemption of sorts.  Ironically Jack concludes the Headstone’s lunatic homicidal actions make his transgressions seem like virtues.  Although the plot is thin, Taylor fans will anticipate the Galway confrontation. 


Harriet Klausner


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