Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble-Peggy Webb

Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble

Peggy Webb

Kensington, Sep 27 2011, $23.00

ISBN 9780758241412


Wanting to escape her man problems back home hairdresser Callie Valentine Jones accompanied by Elvis the reincarnated basset hound flees Mooresville, Mississippi to join her family at an archeological excavation dig near Cozumel, Mexico.  Her cousin Lovie’s boyfriend Rocky leads the work at the site.


Almost immediately upon arrival, Elvis finds human remains that are too modern to be ancient Mayan.  Even Callie’s inane mom recognizes a homicide when she sees the bone Elvis possesses.  Callie wants nothing to do with sleuthing as she hates getting involved, but feels she has no choice when Lovie and Elvis vanish just as her hopefully soon to be former husband Jack arrives like the cavalry at the crime scene


The fourth Southern Cousins mystery (see Elvis and the Grateful Dead, and Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders) is a zany intelligent cozy starring the extended eccentric Valentine brood.  Callie holds the story line focused as she reluctantly investigates her missing loved ones and by default the murder while she knows Jack will have her back.  Though Elvis is less of a hound dog than usual, fans will enjoy his (and Callie) Mexican adventures


Harriet Klausner

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