Late Edition-Fern Michaels

Late Edition

Fern Michaels

Kensington, Sep 1 2011, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758227225


In Malibu wealthy eight times widow Toot and her three Godmother BFFs hold a séance in which thirteen spirits including Sophie’s late husband abusive drunk Walter and Ida’s spouse Thomas arrive.  Sophie tells Walter to rot in hell while Ida faints.  Later on a mirror is “I was Poisoned”.  They believe Thomas is telling Ida that someone murdered him.  Mavis conceals her new business “Good Mourning Clothes” after being the only person to attend the funeral of a stranger.


In Savannah, Toots’ friend Bernice welcomes them home.  She informs them of the Sweetest Things Bakery failing due to a rumor of a ghost and a customer died on the line.  Sophie and Toots wonder what Mavis is hiding as she has packages to drop off at UPS.  Toots goes to the bakery and meets the owner Janie; Toots buys a half interest.  Mavis explains her new business, but needs a supplier as she has too many customers and no material.  Toots calls her banker who says the supplier refuses to sell.  The Godmothers break into the warehouse and steal the material as Toots leaves behind $10,000.  At the next séance, they reach Thomas who writes “my daughter”.  Ida says he had no daughter.  Toots fears if he has one and she killed him, she may come after Ida next. 


The third Godmothers thriller (see Exclusive and Scoop) continues the adventures of the four best female friends who each possess different personalities.   Although the issues are resolved too easily and a key coincidence in Chicago helps resolve one subplot, Fern Michaels’s fans will enjoy the terrific camaraderie of the Godmothers, an elderly version of the Sisterhood.


Harriet Klausner




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