Naughty in Nice-Rhys Bowen

Naughty in Nice

Rhys Bowen

Berkley, Sep 6 2011, $24.95

ISBN 9780425243497


In 1933 in spite of being 34th in the queue to the throne, Lady Georgiana Rannoch is impoverished.  She works in a London soup kitchen where she can save money an get some free meals. 


The Queen temporarily saves her from more terrible tasting food by assigning her an all expense paid trip to the French Riviera.  Her mission is to retrieve a snuff box stolen by nasty Sir Toby Groper.  In France, while riding the rails, Rannoch meets the legend Coco Chanel, who shocks the pauper when she asks her to model a new line of clothing when they arrive in Nice.  While doing her royal assignment and modeling for Coco Chanel, Georgina investigates whether her lover Darcy O’Mara is cheating on her.  However, her efforts merge when she is caught in the middle of a homicide and the royal necklace is lifted.


The latest endearing jocular Royal Spyness amateur sleuth (see Royal Blood) is a delightful Depression Era French Riviera romp.  The heroine is a charmer as she fumbles and bungles her investigation while strutting on the catwalk.  Coco Chanel adds to the fun as number 34 using the Queen’s money (she hopes) acts Naughty in Nice.


Harriet Klausner


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