Son of Stone-Stuart Woods

Son of Stone

Stuart Woods

Putnam, Sep 20 2011, $26.95

ISBN 9780399157653


Lawyer Stone Barrington has made full partner at Manhattan’s Woodman & Weld.  After his latest escapades (see Bel Air Dead), Stone plans to stay low key in New York and get closer with his teenage son Peter who he only recently learned he sired.  Stone’s former lover and Peter’s mother Arrington Calder wants that for both males.


Peter plans to attend Yale University Drama School as he wants to become a film director.  He and his dad develop a nice relationship while Arrington is sleeping with University of Virginia Architecture Professor Timothy Rutledge who oversees the finish to her mansion in Virginia.   Stone uses some of connections to help Peter with his career choice.  Meanwhile New York Post tabloid reporter Kelli Keane senses a scandal so she investigates the relationship between Stone and Arrington while a threat using Peter as the bait occurs.


Son of Stone is more of a family drama than the usual Barrington suspense thriller as Stone and Peter get to know each other while the father uses his influence to try to help his son further his career.  Well written with a surprising twist, the tension comes late as much of the tale is about father and son getting to know each other.


Harriet Klausner


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