Damage Control-Denise Hamilton

Damage Control

Denise Hamilton

Scribner, Sep 6 200, $26.00

ISBN 9780743296748


In 2009 in Los Angeles thirtyish middle class Maggie Silver works for Blair Company crisis management firm.  Her clients include the rich and famous up and down the Pacific Coast Highway while her job description is insuring the spin favors her firm‘s affluent customers.


The firm’s Jack Faraday assigns Maggie and others to work with U. S. Senator Henry Paxton.  When she was a teen she was best friends with his daughter Anabelle, but they no longer talk to each other following a tragedy.  Maggie wants out but has no choice but to be part of the team as she supports her ailing mom.  Paxton’s assistant twentyish media director Emily Mortimer was found dead; the senator is the last known person to have seen her at a bar at midnight. 


This is an exhilarating suspense thriller in which justice is irrelevant as the truth does not matter; only how good the spin is.  Character driven by Maggie, as an adult she struggles with her memories of an idyllic time that she begins to wonder how Eden it truly was.  Readers will appreciate Damage Control as the wealthy use experts to spin the media to tell the story their way.


Harriet Klausner


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