Indelible-Kristen Heitzmann


Kristen Heitzmann

WaterBrook, May 3 2011, $13.99

ISBN: 9781400073108

In Redford, Colorado high country outfitter Trevor McDaniel rescues two year old Cody from a yearling mountain lion cub.  Cody’s father Aaron plays for the Rockies while his mother Paige hates the family freak, the toddler’s grateful Aunt Natalie Reeves is a sculptor.  Natalie and Trevor (and his partner Paul) meet at her gallery where she offers a thank you sculpture to the men.  She and Trevor are attracted to one another.

An unknown person begins sending Trevor photos of children in danger.  He becomes concerned that his maniacal secret admirer may harm Natalie as he does not conceal how much she means to him.  With Redford Police Chief Jonah Westfall at his side, Trevor tries to track down the psychopath who targets the helpless.

The return to Redford (see Indivisible) is a terrific tale of two flawed people who turns potential weaknesses into strengths.  Due to a tragedy Trevor turned his grief into a search and rescue volunteer while Natalie has a disability that she has used to become a talented sculptor.  Although the villain’s motive is presented somewhat late, fans will relish the coupling of two people who see the fortitude and courage in their beloved.

Harriet Klausner

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