The Law of Angels-Cassandra Clark

The Law of Angels

Cassandra Clark

Minotaur, Apr 12 2011, $24.99

ISBN: 9780312674557

In 1385, Abbess Hildegard sets up a tiny religious cell in Deepdale, England.  However, her serene rustic retreat is disturbed when armed men attack two of her youthful guests, Maud and Petronilla, who had turned to her for protection.  They are fortunate to have survived the crisis, but Hildegard and the two victims fear they will return to finish the job.

Maud is especially worried that she was the intended target as she escaped from killers who murdered her young brother and destroyed their home.  Hildegard knows no one is safe in England since the Wat Tyler revolt and the latest Papal excommunication.  She escorts the girls to York where she hopes they can obtain protection, but soon the Abbess finds herself in the middle of a murderous plot centering on the Cross of Constantine, which she found.

The third Abbess Hildegard of Meaux medieval mystery (see Hangman Blind and The Red Velvet Turnshoe) is a charming tale in which the late fourteenth century era of abject fear supersedes the slower suspense subplot.  Hildegard is a wonderful caring person who risks her life to insure her two wards are safe as she keeps the story line focused.  Fans of profound historical tales with a supporting mystery will enjoy the Abbess’ latest adventures.

Harriet Klausner

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