A Pizza to Die For-Chris Cavender

A Pizza to Die For

Chris Cavender

Kensington, May 1 2011, $22.00

ISBN: 9780758229526

In Timber Ridge, North Carolina, A Slice of Delight pizza shop owners sisters Eleanor and Maddy Swift are despondent to learn Judson Sizemore, paternal nephew of the affluent eccentric Nathan, plans to open Italia’s specializing in wood-fired pizzas on the same street as their restaurant.  However, someone kills Judson with a piece of firewood in his new store just before the grand opening.

Eleanor learns Judson’s Uncle was the money behind the pizzeria.  The deceased’s sister Gina publically accuses Eleanor of her sibling’s homicide while the townsfolk look at who had the motive to kill the competition.  At the same time Maddy’s boyfriend Bob Lemon harangues the Swift sisters to not investigate the murder while Eleanor’s ex David Quinton offers to help.  However, the Swift sisters cannot help but make inquiries.

The latest cozy served with pizza (see Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder) is another Swift regional Slice of Murder, but tastes somewhat like its predecessors.  The sleuth siblings are an engaging lead while the men in their lives and the townsfolk add depth to the entertaining story line.  Culinary mystery fans will enjoy the snoop sisters investigating the murder of their new competitor.

Harriet Klausner

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