An Ocean Away-Lisa Harris

An Ocean Away

Lisa Harris

Summerside, Mar 1 2011, $12.99

ISBN: 9781609361075

In 1921 in Northern Rhodesia, Lizzie MacTavis continues to provide the Lord’s word to the locals.  She is dedicated to God and to people residing along the Zambezi River.

Anthropologist and explorer Andrew Styles is hired to locate Lizzie and escort her back to New York.  When he finds her in Southern Africa, he tries to persuade her to come home.  She refuses as she feels her work is here.  However, Andrew explains back in America, she has a fortune that can help her adopted impoverished people.  Thus, Lizzie reluctantly and tearfully leaves even while vowing to return.  In New York, Lizzie is unprepared for falling in love with an unbeliever who may be her enemy and with someone trying to kill her in so called civilized America. 

This is an intriguing historical thriller starring a caring missionary who feels safer in Rhodesia than she does in the jungle of New York.  Lizzie is terrific as she firmly believes God wants her to remain in Africa, but Andrew makes a convincing case she can do more if she goes home; which she counters is Rhodesia.  Though An Ocean Away lacks the intensity of the Mission Hope thriller Blood Ransom (few novels do), readers will enjoy this engaging 1920s tale with its message to embrace God rather than running away from the Lord even when a tragedy strikes a loved one.

Harriet Klausner

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