Living on the Edge-Shannon K, Butcher

Living on the Edge

Shannon K, Butcher

Signet, Mar 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780451232748

Lucas Ramsey left the military due to a severe injury.  However, when his former superior officer The old man orders him to protect Sloane Gideon with his life, he asks no questions and begins his duty.  However the Old Man omits two pieces of key information when a shooting occurs at a gala where Lucas planed to meet Sloane who marked him as Mr. Tuxedo.  First her occupation is personal protection as she works as a bodyguard for the Edge; and second she is the Old Man’s daughter.  It is the latter that shakes Lucas as he cannot picture the cold logical General with an offspring.

Columbian drug cartel leader Lorenzo Soma abducts Sloane’s friend Gina who called last night explaining her frightening predicament before the phone was taken away.  Mr. Tuxedo tries to stop Sloane from boarding a plane, but she knocks him out with a blow to his temple.  Having underestimating Sloane, he follows her to Colombia with the Old Man’s warning him to play hardball with his daughter.  The former Ranger catches up to her in South America where she accepts his offer of assistance as she wonders why Soma kidnapped her best friend and how will she extract Gina from this cold blooded killer; Lucas wonders how to extract Sloane from Columbia when she insists on a jungle expedition.

This is romantic suspense at its exhilarating best from the start at the gala and to the final confrontation.  Fast-paced and filled with action, readers will enjoy the trek to Columbia with the capable independent kick butt (and temple) heroine and her sidekick while demanding more thrillers over the Edge from Shannon K. “Sentinels Wars” Butcher.

Harriet Klausner

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