Deadly Lies-Cynthia Eden

Deadly Lies

Cynthia Eden

Forever, Mar 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780446559256

A predatory psychopath devastated FBI Serial Service Division Special Agent Samantha Kennedy.  The Fed slowly heals mentally while her superior Hyde has doubts with her being on the Jeremy Briar vicious murder case as he sent her into that Phoenix fiasco.  Although she conceals her trepidations behind a badge of confidence that she knows is false; Hyde remains hesitant that she is capable of performing her field work at this time.

Sam meets and is attracted to Max Ridgeway.  She uses sex with Max to regain her self esteem.  However, she keeps vanishing almost immediately after and refuses to tell him anything about herself.  When someone kidnaps Max’s younger brother for ransom, Sam gets involved; leaving Max to wonder who his beloved truly is.

The third Deadly SSD police procedural romance  is a powerful thriller due to the spotlight on Samantha, a secondary player in the previous entries (see Deadly Fear and Deadly Heat) whose teammates and superior worry she does not have what it takes anymore; she uses sex to keep the demons away.  However, though she struggles with trepidation, this time Max who refuses to allow her to run away from him is her impetus.  With an unexpected potentially deadly twist enhancing the suspense, this is a great entry in a fantastic series with Monica on deck.

Harriet Klausner

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