Finding Jack-Gareth Crocker

Finding Jack

Gareth Crocker

St. Martin’s, Feb 15 2011, $23.99

ISBN 9780312621728

In 1972, the family of twenty nine year old Fletcher Carson dies in a plane crash.  Distraught and filled with survivor grief, Fletcher enlists in the army.  After basic, he is sent to Vietnam. 

As the war winds down, Fletcher and his platoon complain about the uselessness of the combat, which has left so many of their comrades in arms dead and others mentally and physically destroyed.  Yet though Fletcher and the other men know the war is lost they diligently still patrol the perimeter and perform secret missions.  When they find a trained wounded scout dog, they bring the K9 back to camp.  Calling him Jack, they help him heal.  Jack joins them as a key member of the unit by locating deadly traps and ambushes.  When Fletcher is assigned to go home, he wants to take his best friend Jack with him.  Knowing he cannot do it through official channels, Fletcher deserts taking Jack on a three hundred and fifty mile trek through hostile territory hoping to reach Thailand.

Finding Jack is an interesting Vietnam War thriller starring a mentally wounded warrior who was hurt with grief before he joined the army and the canine who becomes his family while saving his life by giving Fletcher a cause and subsequently a reason to live.  Although some of the scenes the soldier and the dog get into seem over the top of Mt. Fansipan, fans who enjoy something different in their brothers of arms tales will want to accompany Fletcher and Jack as they run a deadly gauntlet.

Harriet Klausner

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