Delirious-Daniel Palmer


Daniel Palmer

Kensington, Jan 25 2011, $25.00

ISBN 9780758246646


In Massachusetts, software engineer Charlie Giles, who works at SoluCent, develops InVision, a quantum technical leap ahead in automobile entertainment systems.  Charlie is excited as the firm’s top management arranges to meet with General Motors on a deal to standardize InVision in their cars.

However, he is stunned when a SoluCent employee Anne Pedersen informs Charlie that his boss Jerry Schmidt will nix the GM deal.  Fuming and out of control, Giles crashes into an executive meeting where he confronts Schmidt.  Thinking his employee is insane; Schmidt insists he supports the deal with GM.  Giles apologizes but explains marketing employee Anne Pedersen fed him the crap.  Charlie is shocked when he learns no Pederson works for the firm.  In spite of his creative skills, he is fired.  Meanwhile Giles fears he suffers from mental illness just like his father and brother.  His trepidation being besieged by his failing mind is further exasperated when he finds a note written by him naming those SoluCent executives who must die.  He wonders if he needs to join his sibling in a ward lock up before he hurts someone; that is if has hasn’t already.

This is a super psychological thriller that enables the reader to get inside the apparent sick mind of a brilliant technician who fears he has become as Delirious as his family and ergo a dangerous threat to others.  The story line focuses on Giles’ deteriorating mental state leaving the audience to wonder what is real and what did he imagine as real.  Although the climax is a major let down for such an otherwise strong thriller, mindful of the Hoffman movie Who is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? fans will appreciate Daniel Palmer’s exciting spotlight on mental health.

Harriet Klausner


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