Midnight Caller-Leslie Tentler

Midnight Caller

Leslie Tentler

Mira, Feb 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN 9780778329343

In 1981 British guitarist Gavin Firth murders Goth singer Desiree Sommers, the mother of his two years old child Rain.  Gavin then kills himself in a shocking murder-suicide.  Decades later in New Orleans, their daughter Dr. Rain Sommers hosts the late night talk radio show Midnight Confessions. 

FBI Violent Crimes Unit Special Agent Trevor Rivette hunts Dante the Vampire serial killer.  The psychopath slashes the throat of his victim before leaving behind a rosary just like that worn by Desiree.  This beast has murdered five women across the country.  After stops in DC, Atlanta, Memphis and Raleigh, he has arrived in New Orleans where he kills three teenage Goths.  His next chosen one is Rain, but not if Trevor has any say.

Although the theme of a “vampiric” serial killer has been used before and not just in urban fantasy (see Violets Are Blue by James Patterson), readers will relish this well written tense thriller.  The key trio seems genuine as Rivette knows the stakes are personal when he falls in love with Dante’s next intended victim.  Romantic suspense fans will enjoy Midnight Caller as the taut tale means leaving the lights on after midnight.

Harriet Klausner


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