Sinister Sprinkles-Jessica Beck

Sinister Sprinkles

Jessica Beck

Minotaur, Dec 1 2010, $7.99

ISBN: 9780312946128

The townsfolk of April Springs, North Carolina are delighted when snow falls as the Winter Festival begins.  Donut Harts owner Suzanne Hart enjoys the cold weather especially when snow covers the town.

However, this time the pristine color is red when someone Fatally Frosted Darlene Higgins using a candy cane as the weapon.  Suzanne loathed Darlene who was her ex-husband Max’s mistress, but would not have wanted her dead.  Meanwhile a shocked Muriel Stevens fears for her life as the victim wore her winter coat and a wig that that matched her hair color.  The police suspect somewhat look into the possibility of a wrongful murder, but lean to Max as the killer in a murder of passion.  Suzanne reluctantly investigates the homicide in order for Max not to fry by digging into Darlene’s past; which leads to an observant killer preparing to murder again and someone else also watching with appreciation in his eyes.

Sinister Sprinkles is a charming Carolina culinary cozy.  Readers will enjoy visiting April Springs and take delight in the recipes included with each chapter.  Although the motive for the amateur sleuth baker to investigate seems weak, sub-genre fans will enjoy her following the “recipe” how to investigate step by step.

Harriet Klausner

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