Mr. Hooligan-Ian Vasquez

Mr. Hooligan

Ian Vasquez

Minotaur, Dec 7 2010, $25.99

ISBN: 9780312378110

In Belize, Riley James has worked as a smuggler for Carlo and Israel Monsanto for over two decades; ever since they took care of a deadly mess he was involved in as teen numbers runner.  Few, if any, know the inland waterways better than Riley.  However, Riley also realizes smuggling is a young man’s game; not a middle age pursuit.  He is doing his last run for the brothers before retiring as the siblings agree this will wipe out his long standing debt to them.

Riley figures on co-owning Lindy’s Bar in Belize City with his friend Harvey Longsworth and marry his American sweetheart Candice.  However, his plan goes astray starting with a car accident that has mobsters from Central America and Mexico in it, corrupt local officials especially cops, and DEA agents wanting his hide and what he delivers.  A veteran of illegal trafficking, Riley will not go down without a fight.

Mr. Hooligan is superb crime thriller in which Charles Bronson (from Murphy’s Law and Mr. Majestyk) would play the lead.  Fast-paced from the moment the last run goes wrong, readers will be totally hooked wondering if Mr. Hooligan will survive the gauntlet as betrayals engulf his every step.

Harriet Klausner

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