Bitter Legacy-H. Terrell Griffin

Bitter Legacy

H. Terrell Griffin

Oceanview, Dec 2010 2010, $25.95

ISBN: 9781933515960

Retired lawyer Matt Royal has been away from his beloved fishing and beer at Longboat Key, Florida.  When he finally comes home he is stunned with what has happened to friends.  An assassin shot in the chest Logan Hamilton on a busy Sarasota street,  Logan survived, but Longboat Key Police Chief Bill Lester, expecting a second attempt of the sniper knows his target lives, sets up a bit of misdirection by having the “victim” taken to the morgue.

Soon after that attack, that same professional kills attorney Jason Blakemoore.  Not long after that Matt finds himself in the crosshairs of a determined diligent killer.  Matt has no idea who and why anyone is gunning down him and his friends; however, he plans to find out and end the marauder’s murdering assault even if that alienates police officer Jennifer Duncan.

This is an engaging low key thriller in which the targets are clueless as to why the perpetrator is after them.  The story line is fast-paced from the opening murder attempt and never slows down.  While the motives is low brow, the plot is entertainingly delightful; when the motive ties to the past and the Black Seminoles, it loses its edge as that feels forced to provide a powerful rationale.  Still fans will enjoy Royal’s latest tale (see Blood Island, Murder Key and Longboat Blues); as unlike his last outing (see Wyatt’s Revenge) in which he was shot on two continents, he only becomes target practice on one.

Harriet Klausner

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