Nights of the Red Moon-Milton T. Burton

Nights of the Red Moon

Milton T. Burton

Minotaur, Dec 7 2010, $24.95

ISBN 9780312648008

In Texas, the corpse of Amanda Twiller is found in front of the Methodist Church where her husband is the pastor.  The body has numerous bullet wounds.  Caddo County Sheriff Beauregard “Bo” Handel leads the official investigation.

Although Amanda’s husband Reverend Bobby Joe Twiller is not publically a suspect, Bo knows his late wife dumped him three months ago for Emmet Zorn, the local liquor store owner.  In spite of dope using drug dealer Doyle Raines being the prime suspect as the victim was addicted to prescription drugs, Bo and his team look into Emmet’s activities; finding ties to a Houston mobster.  The case spins out of control when someone murders Doyle.

This is a pleasurable somewhat over the top of Guadalupe Peak investigative police procedural starring a wonderful eccentric posse led by Bo knows who he wants.  The inquiry is cleverly designed to keep the reader deciding between the spouse, the store owner and the drug dealer as the killer; each had a motive and opportunity.  The story line is fast-paced at times frantic as the zaniness of the cop crew makes for a fun homicide investigation, Texas style.

Harriet Klausner

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