Unwelcome Light-David Lehner

Unwelcome Light

David Lehner

Fithian Press, Sep 1 2010, $12.95


ISBN: 9781564744999

Three years ago, his dad gave his fortyish son a letter which the latter misplaced.  A year later, his father died and at the funeral his aunt asked if he read the letter he received from his dad at his uncle’s funeral last year.  The man admits he never did having misplaced it.  His aunt explains his father the man who raised him was not his father.

Stunned, he needs to know who his biological father was and what happened.  He obtains a teaching position at the school his “father” was the headmaster at for years.  His classes include Intro Greek, Level Two Latin and Advanced Greek with his most challenging student being Natalie.  He also finds a classmate from when he went to the school, married teacher Elizabeth.  As he makes inquiries, he recalls when his dad thought he may have stolen money only to have it turn out to be the son of his father’s bitter rival.  However, as he gets closer to the truth his rival from school arrives and soon whispers begin that he is having affairs with Natalie and Elizabeth.

This is exciting thriller as the lead character, aptly having no name, investigates his roots only to land in all sorts of trouble as the truth does not always set you free.  Readers will relish David Lehner’s riveting character driven tale starring the unnamed narrator who learns the hard way some people reject an Unwelcome Light shined on them.

Harriet Klausner

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