Retired And On The Rocks-Karen Wiesner

Retired And On The Rocks

Karen Wiesner

Whiskey Creek, Jun 2010, $14.95

ISBN: 9781803138812

Private investigators Sylvia Price and Denim McHart are partners.  Whereas she loves him she assumes it is unrequited and so tries to conceal her attraction from him.  Besides which she feels undeserving of love as she feels guilt and regret over being a prime cause of her mom’s mental instability.

Ironically Sylvia believes God has forgiven her while she has not forgiven herself.  Their latest case involves a missing engagement ring as a bride Naomi Deva insists to the duet she was left at the altar by her fiancé Briar’s Point Mayor Thomas Julian who caught her with the best man.  She hires them because she cannot find the engagement ring that Thomas demands she return to him.  During the joint inquiry, Den makes it clear how he feels as does Sylvia, but both knows they are long way from a permanent relationship.

This is a terrific inspirational mystery that grips the audience with the early introduction of the partners.  The story line is character driven especially by Sylvia who carries a ton of baggage on her heart and soul.  She knows God forgave long ago, but has not forgiven herself so believes Den deserves much better than her.  The case is sold but it is the relationship between the lead protagonists who provides a terrific opening Denim Blues Mysteries.

Harriet Klausner

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