Vicious-Kevin O’Brien


Kevin O’Brien

Pinnacle, May 25 2010, $7.99

ISBN: 9780786021369

For over two years in the Seattle area, the “Mama’s Boy” kidnapped and killed mothers while the children were left where he kidnapped the mothers and left the child some battered toys.  The police never found him and never could explain why he abruptly stopped.

Widow Susan Blanchette whose husband and older son were killed, drives with her four year old boy Matthew to meet her fiancé medical supply salesman Allen Meker in Cullen, Washington.  Allen, who adores Susan and cares about her toddler, has a great weekend planned for them.   When they reach the place he rented, Susan believes there is a prowler, but Allen sees no one.  While at a store, Jordan Prewitt, whose mom was killed by the Mama’s Boy, kidnaps Allen.  He intends to torture the man until he confesses he is the serial killer.  While Susan searches for Allen, two psychopaths hijack her.

Kevin O’Brien provides an intense, perhaps too emotional, but electrifying thriller.  Several characters share the lead including the three above and Jordan’s friend Les while a strong support cast enhance the growing tension.  The key to the plot is the reader keeps changing his or her mind as to who the killer is although that is a two edged as at times because needless subplots that adds nothing is applied to trick the audience to go down a sidebar.  Still with terrific twists, fans will wonder who the Mama’s Boy serial killer is.

Harriet Klausner


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