Fade to Midnight-Shannon McKenna

Fade to Midnight

Shannon McKenna

Kensington Brava, Jun 1 2010, $20.95

ISBN 9780758228659

For almost two decades, everyone who knew Kevin McCloud had thought he was dead.  Even his three brothers have all but given up hope.  However, instead of dying he suffered a traumatic injury from being tortured that included total amnesia.

Preventing a drowning leads him to emergency brain surgery.  As a consequence, his memory has recently started to return.  Kevin Larson is the name Kevin McCloud has used since the brutal torturous beating.  He begins to piece back what happened to him eighteen years ago and before.  He recalls the mind control work of insane scientist Christopher Osterman, but has not figured out his link.  He learns the man is dead, but his associates try to draw Kevin back into their evil mind controlling scheme.  As he struggles to remember he meets graphic novelist Edie Parrish at her book signing.  She has a past with Osterman and McCloud, as she is convinced the former is the supervillain and the latter the superhero prototypes of her graphic novels.

The latest McCloud brother action-packed thriller is character driven by Kevin whose memory recall triggers the story line.  Fast-paced from start to finish with intriguing unexpected twists, Fade to Midnight is a strong McCloud entry that series fans will relish.  However, new readers will find references difficult to assimilate so should peruse the previous tales in the saga (see Edge of Midnight, Behind Closed Doors and Standing in the Shadows)

Harriet Klausner


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