The Poet Prince-Kathleen McGowan

The Poet Prince

Kathleen McGowan

Touchstone, May 25 2010, $25.99

ISBN 9780743299985

Researcher Maureen Paschal has diligently probed the “Confraternity of Saint Mary Magdalen”.  She finds some racy information referencing the Libro Rosso and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher.  After learning this she heads to Florence to follow up with Destino, her ancient teacher.

Destino explains to his favorite student that much is known about The Poet Prince Lorenzo de Medici as he was the guiding light in the Renaissance.  However, even more is unknown.  Lorenzo secretly married Lucrezia “the Colombina” Donati, who was a star model of Botticelli.  As she learns more about de Medici, Maureen also becomes heartbroken when she learns a former lover of her beloved Scottish oil mogul Berenger Sinclair accuses him of siring her baby at a time the duet were researching his family links back to de Medici and further back to Roman Longinus Gaius, who used the infamous Spear of Destiny to stab Jesus on the cross.

The third Magdalene Line thriller is an enticing gripping but somewhat convoluted tale as Maureen struggles with what she has learned about her beloved: a modern day Poet Prince.  The heroine also begins to believe she knows who Gaius, doomed to walk the earth for eternity, is.  Fans of the saga will relish this enthralling entry while newcomers should start with the previous two entries (see The Book of Love and The Expected One) for a better understanding of the increasingly complex McGowan Magdalene mythos.

Harriet Klausner

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