Til Dice Do Us Part-Gail Oust

‘Til Dice Do Us Part

Gail Oust

Obsidian, Apr 2020, $6.99

ISBN: 9780451229427

Claudia Connors returns home after spending time in Vegas.  Her retiree buddies the Bunco Babes welcome home one of their charter members.  However, she shocks the group when she introduces them to her new husband, actor Lance Ledeaux.

They are further stunned when Lance explains to the babes that he plans to direct and perform in a play in which he wants all of them to have roles in the production.  The normally suspicious babes are won over by his offer and his general charm.  However Kate McCall overhears a fight between the newlyweds over expense and becomes concerned for her friend.  Soon afterward during rehearsal, someone loaded a gun with real bullets, leaving Lance dead and the cops suspecting his wife killed him.  Kate leads the Bunco Babes’ investigation into the homicide.

This is an entertaining amateur sleuth as the Bunco Babes reject the notion of tossing dice during visiting hours to the state pen.  Fans will enjoy the camaraderie of the BFFs as they Whack ‘n Roll their way through their investigation with humor, concern and catching optimism.  Gail Oust rolls an eleven with this enjoyable winner.

Harriet Klausner

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