Dusted to Death-Barbara Colley

Dusted to Death

Barbara Colley

Kensington, Jan 1 2009, $22.00

ISBN: 9780758222534


In New Orleans at sixty-three years of age, Charlotte LaRue still has the energy to perform the work of her business Maid for a Day as she cleans for selected clients who prefer her only.  Bitsy Dhue asks Charlotte  to watch her Victorian house as well as keeping it clean because a movie company is going to film there.  It is a two week gig and she will receive $5000 for this pristine assignment.


One of the movie stars is Angel Martinique who has the reputation of her first name, but as Charlotte quickly learns G-string is apropos rather than the G rating reputation of this Hollywood heater, who away from the lights is a spoiled virago.  Charlotte enters a room to find the body of Angel’s boyfriend Nick Franklin.  She also notices next to the corpse, the letter opener used in a recent Angel scene and later confirmed by the cops as the murder weapon.  Angel is arrested but her chauffeur Benny  who loves her persuades Charlotte, whom he has heard solved homicides, to help him prove her innocence by finding the real culprit.


This amateur sleuth is terrific  due to the Hollywood invasion that leads to an intricately created mystery.  The heroine has strong instincts and her work enables her to notice clues in what seems like spotless segues.  Fans will enjoy Charlotte cleaning up the crime scene not aware the killer is watching her .


Harriet Klausner



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