Under the Dome-Stephen King

Under the Dome

Stephen King

Scribner, Nov 10 2009, $35.00

ISBN: 9781439148501


In Chester’s Mill, Maine Big Jim Rennie runs the small town through underhanded extortionist politics and illegal drug dealing.  His son is a bully throwing his father’s influential weight at others.  Few overtly counter this pair of leading citizens, but army veteran Dale “Barbie” Barbara and newspaper editor Julia Shumway lead the opposition.


Already somewhat isolated due to its location, an invisible dome suddenly falls over the entire remote New England village; dropped by the Overlords who live amongst us and have chosen this place apparently for one of their experiments.  Things begin to happen rather quickly starting with the plane crash and the tractor explosion.  Nothing can enter or leave.  Over a short period of time the infrastructure begins to collapse and survival means enemies teaming up.  Some claim this is God’s punishment and wait for the Rapture; others believe that Big Jim made a bad deal with his drug overlords, but some like short order cook Barbie insist it is something else.  As conditions deteriorates rapidly, the townsfolk fail to unite; instead remain splintered into two major groups led by Big Jim who invokes marital law and Barbie who searches for who and why, and  several smaller factions who mostly choose inaction using diverse rationale to defend their position.


This is a strong King thriller that returns the great horror author to his Stand roots of good vs. evil.  Although somewhat stereotyped characters, fans will not care as morality takes center stage with the cast’s differences of opinions negatively impacting survival.  Good vs. evil on a bigger stage looks inside as on the smaller platform of Chester’s Mill good vs. evil plays out in a reality version of survival.


Harriet Klausner



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