Breathless-Dean Koontz


Dean Koontz

Bantam, Nov 24 2009, $28.00

ISBN:  9780553807158


After being a military sniper, Grady Adams lives in an isolated part of the Rockies where he works as a craftssman.  One day in the forest he sees a strange light and knows musingly nothing will be the same.  Grady observes two white creatures playing and knows they sense his nearness somehow.  Frightened by what he has seen, he and his Irish Wolfhound Merlin race home.


At the same time on a horse farm, veterinarian Dr. Camilla Rivers is shook by what she sees.  All the horses seem in some sort of trance as if they sense something big is coming.


Grady calls Cammy to come over to his house to look at something strange.  The two creatures he saw in the woods make themselves at home in his cabin as Grady is entranced by them as they seem beautiful, pristine and pure.  Cammy arrives and knows they are a different species.  They name the pair Puzzle and Riddle.  However Homeland Security learns of the existence of the due and come to confiscate them in order to test them.  Conny and Grady refuse to allow the rendition of the odd pair, but remain unsure how to prevent it.


Animal lovers will especially relish Dean Koontz’s latest thriller that insists evil must be dealt with and can come in various forms; just because something new and different is found does not make them malevolent.  Instead something familiar can be the wicked and those with ethics will step up to prevent the heinous from inheriting the earth.  The creatures slowly reveal who they are to their adopted human pets, which makes Grady and Cammy even more resolute to keep them safe.  With plenty of mysteries at the core of the exciting story line, Dean Koontz is at his best with this thought provoking thriller as the monstrosities are not always obvious.


Harriet Klausner


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