A Catered Birthday Party-Isis Crawford

A Catered Birthday Party

Isis Crawford

Kensington, Dec 2009, $22.00

ISBN: 9780758221940

Annabel and Richard Colbert are the richest couple in town thanks to the hot seller of theirt toy company’s Puggables based on their pet Trudy.  Annabel is throwing a birthday party for Trudy and she hires the catering service of A Little Taste of Heaven run by sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons.  Annabel toasts the attendees saying she knows no one there is her friend, but instead are leeches before dinking the wine.  She starts choking claming she has been poisoned; before falling into a coma she begs the siblings to find her killer and bring that rat to justice.  Two days later she is dead.

As soon as the body is released for burial, her husband Richard has her cremated and demands the sisters drop the idea of investigating Annabel’s death.  Everyone at the gala depended on Annabel but also loathed her as she screwed all of them at one time or another thus everyone has a motive to kill her.  With help from their father, a retired police chief, Bernie and Libby uncover the identity of the culprit, but lack solid proof.

The rich and powerful cast of suspects are amusing and lampooned as unlikable amoral A-holes. Isis Crawford delightfully mocks the affluent inside of a fascinating amateur sleuth mystery.  Readers will root for the sisters to bake a perfect case so the killer receives his or hers just desserts.  Unlike the odious affluent characters, the siblings are nice and caring as they are always there for one another and their family.  With an amusing satirical spin, A CATERED BIRTHDAY PARTY is a delightful Creative Culinary mystery.

Harriet Klausner

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