The Ghosts Of Belfast-Stuart Neville

The Ghosts Of Belfast

Stuart Neville

Soho, Oct 2009, $25.00

ISBN: 9781569476000

Gerry Fegan believed in the cause of freeing Northern Ireland from the British.  He was a soldier who did the assigned tasks willing to die for his belief and committed atrocities against adversaries.  He felt no remorse when he killed a civilian as collateral damage is the norm in warfare especially urban guerilla warfare.

He was able to ignore the greed of his superior officers as long as the cause was just especially with whiskey.  However Gerry is not an ordinary soldier as he has always been able to communicate with the dead.  While believing in the cause, he could keep the spirits of those he killed in the shadows, but no more.  The Good Friday Agreement leaves Gerry free in Belfast living under British Rule and wondering why he believed.  Those he followed in combat and went to prison for now serve in Parliament; while they are fat, dumb and wealthy, Fegan feels the guilt of the twelve innocent people he killed; their ghosts demand he do what those fat cats trained him to do: kill his former allies.

This is a great haunting war story whether one agreed with the IRA or not as THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST could easily have been the ghosts of Saigon or even Baghdad, as the soldier’s psyche depends critically on the cause.  The story line is fast-paced and filled with action as Gerry begins his new mission while his former friends send an agent to stop him.  Readers will appreciate this thought provoking thriller that will have the audience pondering the prime underlying cause and the short and long term effects.

Harriet Klausner

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