A Quiet Belief in Angels-R.J. Ellory

A Quiet Belief in Angels

R.J. Ellory

Overlook, Sep 2009, $24.95

ISBN 9781590202500

In 1939 in Augusta Falls, Georgia, someone rapes and murders a twelve year old child.  The classmates are stunned but especially affected is Joseph Vaughan.  When he turns fifteen raised by his widow mom, he remains haunted by the incident and violent death in general.  He persuades other boys his age to form the Guardians to prevent future assaults.

Over the next few years, the Guardians fail to stop brutal attacks as kids are abducted.  A depressed Vaughan leaves Georgia relocating to Brooklyn, where he hopes to make it with his other goal to become a writer.  However, a murder in the Big Apple ties back to Augusta Falls bringing him full circle.

Although there are too many minor subplots over complicating a fabulous character study of a seemingly OCD youth; A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS is a terrific tale of a Georgian fixated for decades with brutal killings especially by serial killers.  Fans will appreciate how deep author RJ Ellory takes the reader inside the mind of Joseph without slowing down the narrative.  He is the key holding the tale together as the focus of the story line.  As a as a senior citizen he connects the deadly dots between New York and Georgia but even then Mr. Ellory continues digging through the layers of the soul of his beleaguered frustrated hero.  This is a super look at a caring person struggling with his inability to prevent violence.

Harriet Klausner


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