Mind’s Eye-Hakan Nesser

Mind’s Eye

Hakan Nesser

Grand Central, Jun 2009, $14.00

ISBN: 9780307387226

In Sweden the evidence overwhelmingly condemns drunken schoolteacher Janek Mitter in the killing of his wife and a colleague who apparently was with her.  Detective Chief Inspector Van Veeteren arrests the distraught husband who has no alibi and was found in a drunken stupor at the crime scene; Janek is easily convicted and sent away to spend the rest of his life either in a mental institution or if his mind heals a prison.

Van Veeteren has some issues with the conviction although it appears reasonable and he is a prime reason Janek was nailed.  Although he keeps mentally reviewing the case making him bone weary, he does little to follow up on his hunch until it is too late.  Someone murders Janek leaving Van Veeteren feeling guilty that he failed to follow his instincts.  He vows to find the link between the homicides of the Mitter couple and subsequently their killer while personally vowing never to ignore his gut instincts ever again.

MIND’S EYE is an excellent Swedish police procedural (see THE RETURN and BORKMANN’S POINT) starring a great investigator who is filled with remorse for not following up on his belief something was off kilter in the case even as he received acclaim for solving an obvious domestic dispute that turned ugly, but proved to be something else.  Fans will enjoy this terrific tale as a good likable cop struggles with his mistake by chasing down the real culprit in a great twisting thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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