I Can See You-Karen Rose

I Can See You

Karen Rose

Grand Central, Aug 5 2009, $18.99

ISBN: 9780446538343

In Minneapolis Eve Wilson survived the violent assault that left her face paralyzed, external scars removed by plastic surgery, and emotional wounds not healed (see DON’T TELL).  She hides in the web world making friends there while working on her graduate school thesis re virtual communities can help people emotionally heal.  Eve has constructed a website Shadowland to help people like her.  However, some of her friends and customers in the Shadowland community commit suicide to her shock and regret.

Homicide detective Noah Webster believes a serial killer has murdered at least two people making it look like they committed suicides at work.  Noah’s investigation leads to Eve and her website.  He soon realizes the psychopath knows the victims extremely well, which the cop thinks means Eve is on the hit list of a diabolically clever killer.

Karen Rose is gaining a well deserved reputation for great romantic suspense thrillers; her latest winner I CAN SEE YOU is a super Minneapolis police procedural that also showcases the double edged sword of on line communities.  Whereas the web enables the disenfranchised to communicate with others; on the other hand the others can include sociopaths or worse.  With a strong cast especially the heroine, Ms. Rose writes a terrific whodunit that provides a double edge spin to the Internet applauding the connection of the lonely one to the many but also warning these ones that predators in sheep clothing could be one of the many.  This is a great poignant work.

Harriet Klausner

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