Trust Me-Jeff Abbott

Trust Me

Jeff Abbott

Dutton, Jul 23 2009, $25.95

ISBN: 9780525951216

Although he is a low life in his stepfather’s think-tank in Austin, Texas, Luke Dantry brags that he is a big shot in the global war against terrorism.  His actual task is to monitor by joining the night time chatter of apparently angry web users.  He calls his nocturnal Internet friends the Black Road.

Luke quickly recognizes who he is communicating with as these are lonely braggarts like he is.  Few if any have the will let alone the way to carry out terrorism acts.  However, Luke soon revises his opinion of at least some of the Black Road Internet users when he is kidnapped and left dead at a remote cabin.  He now knows his web comrades are much more organized and prepared for what he thought was inane chatter.  They rehearse for the big event Code name hellfire by causing plane and train crashes and chemical plant explosions.  Dantry escapes with Black Code and those pursuing the terrorists chasing after him; as he begins a desperate quest to prevent a plan to make 9/11 look like a minor incident.

This fast-paced thriller filled with several spins and twist is a fun lighthearted tale that requires a major ignoring of plausibility as no one will accept the nerd turning into a superhero almost overnight.  Still the audience will enjoy Dantry’s efforts as we root for him to overcome the odds; reminiscent of Patrick Dempsey’s enjoyable but improbable 1991 movie Run.

Harriet Klausner

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