Whisper No Lies-Cindy Gerard

Whisper No Lies

Cindy Gerard

Pocket, Jan 2009, $6.99

ISBN: 9781416566755


On the Vegas Strip, Crystal Debrowski works security at Bali Hai Casino.  Her job is made harder because as her friend Abbie Hughes Lang puts it she is a “man magnet” due to her looks although she rejects all offers.  Her latest admirer Yao Long refuses to accept her declination of a sexual encounter.  The Asian crime lord pulls strings, which leads to Crystal’s arrest based on her employer accusing her of stealing by substituting counterfeit chips and other security glitches; all occurring during her shifts as security game manager; Yao pays her bail.


Abbie knows Crystal is innocent and asks her spouse Sam and his cronies at Black Ops Inc (see TAKE NO PRISONERS) to help her friend.  Before he can react, Yao’s goons abduct Crystal taking her to his base in Jakarta.  BOI agents led by before Texan Johnny Duane Reed mount a rescue.  As they learn of Yao’s human trafficking to include the apparent sale of an American general’s daughter, Yao as belied by his Komodo dragon heart belief vows a fiery vengeance on those who affronted his honor.


This action-packed BOI romantic suspense thriller focuses on the entire amoral supply and demand of human trafficking as sexual slaves are a high selling commodity more than even the romance subplot.  The story line is fast-paced from the onset while the key cast is fully developed.  Especially interesting is Yao who believes strongly in his dragon heart that regular humans are inferior cattle to him.  WHISPER NO LIES is a strong entry with a powerful deep focus on a currently thriving even with bad global economy abomination.


Harriet Klausner


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